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Cadenilla Flor Fina Blouse

Cadenilla Flor Fina Blouse

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The fine flower chain embroidery frames and enhances the elegance and beauty of your neck.  Our blouse is proudly made and hand embroidered by artisans in Chiapas, Mexico. One size measurement (equivalent to M-L): All the designs offered by the Lady Catrina brand are timeless and the patterns unique to each garment, since their elaboration involves learning transmitted from one generation to another. You will have a different piece than anyone else. Hand embroidery. Soft, fresh and resistant 100% cotton fabric. Dyed with natural dyes and by hand. Handmade in family and traditional workshops in Chiapas, Mexico. * Each piece is handmade and therefore unique, so the piece you are going to receive is not exactly the one in the image, but it will be very similar.


One size= 4-12

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